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Invest in our commitment to providing the highest quality music education, diversifying our student body, and growing the jazz audience.




Program & Administrative Staff

CJC Program Staff

Susan Muscarella, Erik Jekabson, Laurie Antonioli & Rob Ewing

Program Staff

Susan Muscarella
President and Dean of Instruction
California Jazz Conservatory (CJC)

Rob Ewing
Jazzschool Community Music School

Laurie Antonioli
Chair, CJC Vocal Program
Director, Jazzschool Community Music School Vocal Program

Erik Jekabson
Jazzschool Young Musicians Program

Administrative Staff

Dean Muench
Director of Operations

Bill Aron
Business Manager

Jesse Rimler
Registrar and Custodian of Records,
California Jazz Conservatory

Karen Shepherd
Director of Financial Aid
California Jazz Conservatory

Joshua Birch
Data Manager; Systems Administrator

Sheryl Lynn Thomas
Marketing Director

Max Brody
Marketing Assistant

Hollis Ashby
Communications Consultant

Mary D’Orazi
Development Associate

Lauren Adams
Development Consultant

Erika Oba
Program Coordinator

Alejandra Carrasco-Zanini, Britt Ciampa,Eli Goldlink, Aaron Hipschman,, Zachary Mondlick
Operations Staff

Lee Brenkman
Sound Technician

Robert Soper
Piano Technician

Grason Littles, Hali McGrath, Scott Chernis, Robin Kempster and others