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General Education Courses

A range of General Studies courses is offered at the Jazzschool Institute. The Jazzschool Institute also accepts select General Studies requirements/electives from any fully accredited institution. Recommended colleges in close proximity to the Jazzschool include: Berkeley City College in Berkeley, just one block from the Jazzschool Institute; and Laney College in Oakland, just a few BART stops away. Tuition for General Studies courses at other institutions is additional.

All students are required to take 30 credits of General Studies courses. General Studies requirements include: English Communication (6 credits); Social Sciences (12 credits); Arts and Humanities (6 credits); Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning (3 credits); and Physical Sciences (3 credits). (See General Education course descriptions.)Please note: the Social Sciences and Physical Sciences General Studies requirements are not transferable from another institution. These requirements must be fulfilled at the Jazzschool Institute.



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