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Core Music Courses – Instrumental Track


Instrumentalists are required to take 91 (non-pianists) / 89 (pianists) credits of the following Core Music Courses: 20 credits of stylistically varying performance ensembles over eight semesters including: Jazz Repertoire Ensemble (8 credits of PRF100-400 series); Latin American Ensemble (2 credits of PRF030 series); Brazilian Jazz ensemble (2 credits of 040 series); Indian Ensemble (2 credits of 050 series); and ensembles of their choice (6 credits). (Note: 4 additional credits may be taken as Elective courses.)

Additional required Core courses include: Ear Training and Sight-Singing (12 credits); Keyboard Proficiency (2 credits); Jazz Theory and Improvisation (15 credits); Form and Analysis of Jazz Standards (2 credits); Jazz Composition (3 credits); Jazz Arranging (3 credits); Latin American Roots of Jazz (2 credits); Jazz and Intercultural Practice (2 credits); Western European Harmonic Practice (6 credits); Western European Music History (6 credits); Music Technology (5 credits); Business of Music (4 credits); Private Instruction (8 credits); and Senior Project (1 credit).

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