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Recording Arts


Recording Studio Internship Program
Elective — 2 credits; 2–3 days/week lab
In conjunction with Fantasy Studios at Zaentz Media Center, a course providing supervised practical training in the inner workings of a professional, multi-room recording facility. Internship training includes:

  • Basic recording techniques and microphone placement
  • Basic recording session design and setup
  • Signal flow theory and patching
  • Basic mixing console theory and application
  • Recording session etiquette
  • Proper microphone and equipment handling and storage
  • Basic studio administrative tasks
  • Client concierge services
  • Hospitality maintenance and cleanliness

Prerequisites: Resume and consent of Fantasy Studios Internship Program Coordinator. This course is held offsite at Fantasy Studios at Zaentz Media Center, 2600 Tenth Street, Berkeley, California.

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“My experience at the Jazzschool Institute has been nothing short of magical every single day. The faculty, in addition to being the best players in their field, are also great teachers. They really demonstrate that they want the students to succeed in becoming the next generation of great players.”

— Dillon Vado, CJC Student
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