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Business of Music


Audio for Live Performance and Recording

1 credit, 1 hour lecture

An introductory overview of live performance audio systems and basic recording technology providing an explanation of the signal path from the source through the microphone to its even- tual destination of live show, loudspeaker or recording media. Strategies for successful live performance and interaction with live recording engineers are presented.



Legal Aspects of the Music Industry for Jazz Musicians

1 credit, 1 hour lecture

An overview of the various legal issues in the music industry and the manner in which the law and technology have shaped the evolution of the industry. Covers current legal issues faced by jazz musicians and jazz labels and the business practices that are being developed to address them. Provides an understanding of the prin- ciples of contract and copyright law and covers topics relevant to jazz musicians today, including the role of agents and managers, live perfor- mance agreements, recording contracts, music publishing, producer agreements, licensing music for motion pictures, television and com- mercials, understanding royalty statements and the distribution and sale of music on the Internet.



The Working Musician

1 credit, 1 hour lecture

A one-semester course focusing on marketing and publicity practices critical to the success of the professional musician.



Pedagogy Techniques

1 credit, 1 hour lecture

A course focusing on pedagogy techniques and issues related to pedagogy. Guided by instructor on an individual basis, students design and present a live, short-term workshop (2 hours) on a topic of their choice to the public as part of the Jazzschool Community Music School Workshop Series. Students gain hands-on teaching skills, expanding their employment options as professional musicians. Prerequisites: senior-year standing or consent of instructor.


Please note: Workshop proposals must be submitted to and approved by instructor six months prior to presentation and a minimum of six months prior to planned graduation

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