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The two-semester Harmony sequence covers the melodic and harmonic devices specific to the Western European common practice period from 1600 to 1920. Attention is given to harmonic practice of the 20th century and beyond in the second semester.



Western European Harmonic

Practice from 1600 to 1820

3 credits, 3 hours lecture

Focusing on compositions from the Baroque and Classical periods, this first-semester course covers preparatory material for the study of harmony, figured bass, harmonization of melodies, voice leading, cadences, theory of chord progression, chord progressions in the diatonic major and minor, chord inversions, and an introduction to analysis.



Western European Harmonic

Practice from 1820 to the Present

3 credits, 3 hours lecture

Focusing on compositional styles of the Romantic and Contemporary Periods, this second-semester course covers formal analysis, advanced techniques related to sequences, mixture, Neapolitan chords, augmented 6th chords, diatonic and chromatic modulation, and twelve-tone techniques.