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Vocal Performance

Vocal Performance


PRF110A, 110B

Vocal Performance

3 credits, 3 hours lab

An eight-semester course covering a range of styles from the Great American Songbook to bebop, modal, world, contemporary popular, and free music. Students compose original material, write lyrics and create their own arrangements. Accompanied by a pianist and/or rhythm section, singers focus on interpretation, stage presence, improvisation, vocal technique, phrasing as well as cultivating a personal style. Students are expected to develop a repertoire of 100 songs over this four-year course.

PRF210A, 210B

3 credits

A continuation of PRF110B

PRF310A, 310B

3 credits

A continuation of PRF210B

PRF410A, 410B

3 credits

A continuation of PRF310B


Vocal Jazz Ensemble

Requirement / Elective — 2 credits, 2 hours lab Repertoire includes historic arrangements from groups including Lambert, Hendricks & Ross and the Singers Unlimited as well as original charts and arrangements. Emphasis on singing close harmony parts, sight reading, intonation and creating a stylistically relevant ensemble sound.


Requirement / Elective — 2 credits

A continuation of ENS111A


Vocal Intensive

1 credit, lecture/lab

A six-day workshop co-led by a select artist in residence and program director. An exploration of technical and stylistic considerations designed to forward personal artistic voice. Includes lectures, rehearsals, private instruction and a concert open to the public. Professional accompaniment provided throughout. Maximum enrollment: 10. Prerequisite: consent of vocal program director.

Fall Registration
Registration for the JCMS fall quarter has ended. Please check back soon for the winter schedule.
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