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Student Budgets

Tuition and Fees
Tuition for the 2016-2017 academic year is as follows:

  • Application fee (a one-time fee, new students only): $100
  • Registration fee (all students): $50 / semester
  • Full-time students (taking 12 or more credits per semester): $8650, instrumentalists; $8950, vocalists
  • Part-time students (taking 11 or fewer credits per semester): $650 / credit
  • Private instruction/Individual Tutorial: $1,500 per credit
  • Trio ensembles: $1,000 per credit

The following table shows California Jazz Conservatory tuition and fees for the 2016-2017 academic year for a continuing full-time instrumental student taking 12-18 credits per semester. Note: vocalists add $300/semester.

Category Fall Semester
Spring Semester Annual Total
Tuition $8,650 $8,650 $17.300
Reg. Fee $50 $50 $100
Total $8,700 $8,700 $17,400

Non-CJC Expense Estimates for Students — For the purposes of determining eligibility for Federal Financial
Aid, the Financial Aid Office uses the following estimates based on California Student Aid Commission
(CSAC) Student Expense Budgets for 2016–2017. Note: these costs are estimates only.

With Parents Off Campus Housing
Category Semester Annual Semester Annual
Books & Supplies $882 $1,764 $882 $1,764
Room & Board $2,385 $4,770 $5,985 $11,970
Transportation $562 $1,125 $634 $1,269
Personal/Misc. $1,579 $3,159 $1,449 $2,898
Total $5,305 $10,611 $8,693 $17,388



CJC Catalog
The Word

“The CJC provides some of the most in depth study of jazz out there. A core curriculum of not two, but four semesters of jazz ear training and hands on jazz theoryand improvisation, culminating in transcription and analysis of the greatest jazz artists of all time. The teachers are wonderful, organized and communicate concepts in a way that clearly transforms each and every student.”

— Lisa Feldman, CJC Student
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