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The Jazzschool Institute awards unsolicited partial scholarships on occasion to qualified students based on a combination of artistic merit and financial need. Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0, and earn a C or higher in all classes, to remain eligible for scholarships. Students receiving a scholarship who earn a non-passing grade of C- or lower in any required courses are responsible for retaking those courses at their own expense.

The following scholarships are awarded to Jazzschool Institute students who demonstrate a combination of artistic promise, commitment to excellence, and financial need on an as-available basis:

The Jamey Aebersold Scholarship
Established in honor of Jamey Aebersold, one of the world’s leaders in jazz education and performance, the Jamey Aebersold Scholarship provides financial support for promising Jazzschool Institute students.

The William E. Robinson Scholarship
The William E. Robinson Scholarship is awarded to a Jazzschool Institute student who demonstrates commitment to excellence in the fields of jazz and
related styles of music.

The Mark Murphy Vocal Jazz Scholarship
In honor of Mark Murphy, one of the world’s most original and musically gifted vocalists, the Mark Murphy Vocal Jazz Scholarship is given to a Jazzschool Institute vocal student who demonstrates creativity and artistic promise.


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