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Credit for Prior Experiential Learning

Students entering the CJC may bring with them a wealth of prior, non-college experiential learning in the field of jazz performance. Recognizing the value of these experiences, the CJC offers students the opportunity to earn credit in private instruction and/or performance, based on their performance and recording portfolio.

Credit for prior experiential learning is granted only to matriculated students. The amount of credit is determined and documented in writing by CJC faculty with relevant credentials. Instrumentalists may be granted a maximum of 28 credits for prior experiential learning; vocalists may be granted a maximum of 36 credits for prior experiential learning.

Credit is not granted based on the student’s experiences per se, but rather on the student’s ability gained through their experiences. Credit granted for prior experiential learning must have approval from the Dean of Instruction and will be recorded on a student’s transcript as ‘credit for prior experiential learning.’

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“John Gove is an incredible professor with extensive knowledge in jazz theory. He teaches theory how it should be taught, which is direct application to your instrument in a playing context. I’ve never taken a better theory class with such a fine professor.”

— Richard Greig, CJC Student
Stellar Jam Japan