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Happy New Year!

The winter quarter is upon us and we look forward to another year with a wonderful assortment of vocal classes, workshops and concerts!

East Coast artists Roseanna Vitro and Charenee Wade will appear in concert and present workshops. The opportunity to be up close and personal with singers from outside the Bay Area is one of the qualities that makes our intimate venue so unique. We are grateful to present beloved Bay Area singers Clairdee and Maye Cavallaro for concerts and workshops as well.

There are numerous performance classes being offered, culminating in end-of-quarter public concerts. Genres include jazz, R&B, salsa, blues and pop. Our instructors include Maye Cavallaro, Raz Kennedy, Pamela Rose, Faith Winthrop, Ellen Johnson, Kyra Gordon, Andrea Claburn, Amanda Addleman, Angie Doctor, Joyce Pricco, Rich Armstrong, Edgardo Cambón and me!

Please contact me at laurie@cjc.edu if you’d like to consult about course and workshop options. See you singing soon!!

Warm regards,



Laurie Antonioli
Chair, Vocal Program

The Word

“A friend persuaded me to take the Jazz Guitar class from Mimi, 7-8 years
ago. That started me on a wonderful journey of learning and enjoyment
of jazz, music theory, ensemble performance, and more.”

— Jazzschool Student
Stellar Jam Japan