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Summertime, and the living is easy…

Laurie AntoniloiThis summer, we’ve got a wonderful menu to choose from: 7-week courses, weekend intensives, three-hour workshops as well as short-term classes and a long-term workshop series! Plus, the annual weeklong Vocal Intensive featuring Artist-in-Residence Theo Bleckmann runs for its fourth consecutive year.

Spend a weekend in one, two or all three segments of our “Vocal Immersion” series, featuring three unique performers: Faye Carol, Kellye Gray and Ellen Robinson. They are all very experienced educators, and these weekends provide a unique opportunity to spend quality time in an intimate setting. Maye Cavallaro continues her composer series and offers the “Singer’s Tool Box,” a special workshop covering the essential skills necessary to function as an independent musician. Edgardo Cambón leads an exciting workshop on singing and playing percussion.

Faith Winthrop, Ellen Johnson, Valerie Troutt, Stephanie Bruce, Amanda Addleman, and Edgardo Cambón offer full courses across a wide range of genres. Kenneth Helman will teach two 4-week classes, one for teens and one for adults.

We can help create a summer curriculum combining several of these courses, or you can just take select classes or workshops in preparation for fall. For instance, the 2-part Chart Writing workshop taught by Stephanie Bruce develops invaluable skills that will make your participation in the fall performance classes much more productive.

As well, anyone interested in auditioning for the 4-year degree program should contact me to set up a time to apply and take the placement exams. Per usual, I’m available at laurie@cjc.edu to consult about which courses and workshops might be best for you.
Here’s to a summer filled with song!


Laurie Antonioli
Chair, Vocal Program
California Jazz Conservatory