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Jazzschool Vocal Chair Message


In times of strife and unrest, we often find solace through art and music. Singing is one of life’s great pleasures. Expressing yourself through song is not only a course of study but a way to release your inner voice of creativity. Were it not for singing, I would have had a very different life. It’s through music that I’ve made the deepest friendships, been able to travel the world and had the opportunity to pass along what was given to me by masters like Mark Murphy, Sheila Jordan, and countless instrumentalists.

We’re proud to offer an array of classes for students of all ages and levels. Janice Maxie Reid is a wonderful new addition to our faculty. She’s been working with our degree program students and is now teaching two classes open to the public: Vocal Technique and Soul Town — Classic Rhythm & Blues. We’re also offering jazz, blues, bossa nova, salsa and pop singing classes. Returning faculty member Cecilia Engelhart‘s Beginning Jazz Singing class is an excellent introduction to the craft of learning jazz and Kyra Gordon‘s For the Love of Singing class is a perfect place for either beginners or people coming back to singing after a break.

While keeping track of what’s going on in the world, we must also nurture the things that
bring us joy and a sense of community. We look forward to seeing you in the spring
quarter. Feel free to email me at laurie@cjc.edu for more info or consultations.

With love from,


Laurie Antonioli
Chair, Vocal Program



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