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Laurie AntoniloiWe have a wonderful array of classes to pick from this quarter and I’m here to help students find just the right fit!

We’re thrilled with the success of Angie Doctor’s Vocal Jazz Ensemble and are adding a second section for more experienced singers. Andrea Claburn, one of our advanced Conservatory students, is on board to teach vocal technique, and we’re happy that Joyce Pricco will be back teaching her Thursday morning technique course. Amanda Addleman, Ellen Johnson and I are all teaching jazz classes with an emphasis on working with accompanists, putting together arrangements, developing a personal style, improvisation, phrasing and building repertoire. Ellen also has a wonderful beginning jazz
singing class that is highly recommended to anyone new to the art form. Our Latin program continues with Edgardo Cambón teaching Salsa Singing and Sandy Cressman teaching Bossa Nova for Jazz Singers.

Kyra Gordon now has two teen classes. Students and/or parents can contact her directly at kyra@cjc.edu for placement.

The inimitable Maye Cavallaro continues with her Musician, Singer, Artist, Storyteller course and her Composer workshop series that is now in its 11th cycle. She is also the primary teacher involved with our mentoring program and has produced 24 concerts with her mentees, almost all of them sold out!

Pamela Rose has a beginning singing class, her ongoing Blues Funshop and another quarter of the music of Ray Charles — very exciting! And finally, Destani Wolf will be coming up from Los Angeles for a day-long vocal intensive open to all styles and levels. Please read on for more details!

Hope to hear you singing this Winter!


Laurie Antonioli
Chair, Vocal Program