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We’re thrilled to be offering a wonderfully diverse selection of classes and workshops this summer!

There is a new technique class for the “Heavy Metal” or “Rock” singer as well as our standard vocal technique classes. We’re offering a “Pop Singing” class for the first time as well as a “Musical Theater” course. We’ve got repertoire-driven jazz classes with “Songs to Learn” and “Songs You Bring.” In addition to our R&B Vocal class we’ve got a great new offering with “There’s a Message in the Music” focusing on the African American experience through song. For the teens, there’s an “R&B Choir” which should be nothing but fun! Please take note that there are no student performances in the Summer session. This makes it a great time to try something new! Please read the detailed descriptions in the pages that follow and see if something strikes your fancy.

The workshop menu is equally exciting. There are two, one-day workshops focused on everything that goes into a well-balanced vocal performance. Ann Dyer is presenting “The Embodied Voice” and Holli Ross is teaching a day on “Vocal Health.” Maye Cavallaro is back with her 3-part “Vocal Tool Box” series and New Orleans vocal artist, Cindy Scott, is doing an afternoon workshop on “Stage Fright.” We’ve got the legendary team of Bobbe Norris and Larry Dunlap joining us for a 2-part workshop series on finding the right songs and arrangements and Maye Cavallaro has her “Unsung Gems” repertoire-building course. There are two unique Vocal Improv workshops, one with Lorin Benedict and the other with Ellen Johnson. And finally, our annual Vocal Intensive with vocal artist-in-residence Theo Bleckmann takes place in August.

Please contact me at laurie@cjc.edu if you need consultations or advice. We hope to hear
you singing with us this summer!


Laurie Antonioli
Chair, Vocal Program