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As the school year returns many of you will be joining the ranks of the student population. Our doors are open and there are a lot of new happenings in the vocal program.

We have a core of vocal jazz performance courses, from the Beginning Vocal Jazz class to The Contemporary Jazz Singer, all designed to prepare students for our end-of–quarter performance series. Other genres featured this fall include R&B, Pop, Blues, Salsa, and a new class on New Orleans styles. Our technique division includes three Vocal Essentials courses as well
as an advanced technique class. We also offer two sections specifically for teen vocalists.

I’m excited to announce a wonderful array of vocal workshops and concerts for the fall.
There are several out of town artists joining us: Jay Clayton and Art Lande, Andrea Wolper, Julie Kelly and Amy Cervini and her vocal group “Duchess.” The Bay Area’s Roberta Donnay, Maye Cavallaro and Jennifer Jolly are also presenting workshops. Jay, Art, Andrea, Julie and Roberta are all also performing at the school.

Finally, we continue with our mentor program, under the new name “Center Stage.” Maye Cavallaro has presented over 30 concerts with her mentees and has it down to a science at this point.

Feel free to contact me at laurie@cjc.edu if you’d like to consult about the classes and workshops.

Warm regards,



Laurie Antonioli
Chair, Vocal Program

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