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Jazzschool Youth Director Message


Dear JYMP students and parents,

Every afternoon from Monday through Thursday and on Saturdays, dozens of young musicians fill up the practice rooms of the CJC, listening together, learning together, and playing together. There is no better way to learn how to play jazz, funk, blues, Latin jazz, and all the other idioms that these kids are playing than by simply doing it. Some new students are playing their first improvised solos, while other more experienced students are writing their own challenging music for larger ensembles. No matter the skill level, they’re all part of the Jazzschool’s Young Musicians Program because there is no substitute for playing with other equally motivated and inspired students. When they’re in the same room together for an hour and a half, the students feed off each other, inspiring each other to play better, to play together, to create their own sound. And over ten weeks, our instructors help them in their process of creating their own sound, playing one of the most challenging forms of music in the world. By the end of the quarter, when the groups give their final performances to the cheers of friends, family and jazz fans, most parents are astounded at how far these ensembles have progressed. But really, all it takes is for there to be a time and a place for them to play — and we have that at the CJC. Contact me if you’re interested in playing too!


Erik Jekabson
Director, Jazzschool Young Musicians Program


Winter 2017 CALENDAR

Jazzschool Community Music School Winter Quarter
January 9 – March 20 (10 weeks)

Ensemble Placement Auditions:

School Closure:
MLK Jr. Day, January 16

Winter Performance Series:
March 21 – 30

For detail about Youth Ensemble Placement Auditions, see Auditions.


JCMS Winter Catalog
The Word

“It’s the only place that I know of that offers such high level jazz ensembles for middle/high school students. Last year, my school music program was not challenging enough for me and so I loved being involved in the High School Jazz Ensemble!”