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Play A Part 2014



November 15, 2014

Dear  Friends,

This past year has been remarkable for the California Jazz Conservatory (formerly The Jazzschool) in so many ways — and so much of the good news we have to report has been made possible by the generous support of benefactors like you.

First, we can now proudly claim to be the only independent accredited music conservatory devoted to the study and performance of jazz and related styles of music in the country. As an accredited institution, we will soon be eligible to provide our students with access to government-sponsored financial aid and to enroll international students. These and other benefits afforded by accreditation will contribute much to ensuring the long-term sustainability of the institution.
Our accreditation would not have been possible without your past support.

Second, to accommodate our expanding enrollment, we hope to acquire an additional facility located within the vicinity of the Downtown Berkeley Arts District — in the heart of a thriving East Bay arts scene. An expanded facility will enable us to accommodate our two programs’ growing student bodies, whose numbers have broken last year’s records.
Our expansion will not be possible without your present support.

Third, for over seventeen years we have continued to maintain two of the country’s foremost music education and performance programs. These programs serve students of all ages and levels — from the aspiring professional to the enthusiast. Our goal is to develop the next generation of jazz artists and audiences who will go on to promote the jazz art form long into the future.
Our mission is not possible without your continued support.

As you consider your year-end giving, I hope you’ll choose to support the California Jazz Conservatory, an organization that offers a wealth of opportunities to study, perform and listen to jazz in a setting that attracts the Bay Area’s very best artists and educators.

Please join me in making a tax-deductible gift to the California Jazz Conservatory. Your contribution helps ensure that our education and performance programs remain widely available to all who want to further this vital art form.

With my sincerest thanks and appreciation for playing a part in another auspicious year!Jazz school directors shoot


Susan Muscarella
President, California Jazz Conservatory


Please send us your gift today by clicking the donate button below. Or you can mail your tax-deductible contribution to 2087 Addison St. Berkeley, CA 94704. Please make checks payable to the California Jazz Conservatory.