Audio Production


Audio Production

Course Numbering The 100- and 200-numbered courses are lower division courses. The 300- and 400-numbered courses are upper division courses.


Audio Series — Audio Engineering

Digital Audio Workstation I (DAWI)
3 credits, 3 hours lecture/lab
An introduction to the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), the hardware and software designed for the recording, editing and playing of digital audio files. Prerequisites: Students must own or have access to a laptop computer with Pro Tools software (version 9 or higher, or Pro Tools First) installed for use in class.

Digital Audio Workstation II (DAWII)
2 credits, 2 hours lecture/lab
A continuation of DAW I, this course delves further into editing and mixing capabilities of the Digital Audio workstation. Includes advanced editing techniques and an introduction into mixing in “In-The-Box.” Prerequisites: AUD300A.

Digital Audio Workstation III (DAWIII)
2 credits, 2 hours lecture/lab
This course is an introduction into the digital music recording and production platform Logic. Location: Classroom. Prerequisites: AUD300A.

Mix I
2 credits, 2 hours lecture/lab
An introduction to the process of mixing. Includes mix setup and simple multi-track mixing as well as the history, philosophy and theory behind mixing. Lab Fee: $600. Prerequisites: AUD300A; AUD310A

Mix II
3 credits, 3 hours lecture/lab
Advanced mixing techniques including parallel compression and automation. Covers big console and analog/digital hybrid mixing that meet industry standards. Location: TBD. Lab Fee: $550. Prerequisites: AUD305A

Studio Recording I
3 credits, 3 hours lecture/lab
An introductory course on the fundamentals of studio recording. Includes microphone choice and placement, console and studio signal flow, session setup and protocol, and live recording. Discussion and utilization of limiters, compressors, and other signal processing equipment used in the recording process are part of in-class activities and recording sessions. Students’ final project consists of engineering the Live-to-2-track project. Location: TBD. Lab fee: $850. Prerequisites: AUD300A, AUD310B

Studio Recording II
3 credits, 3 hours lecture/lab
A course focusing on the techniques and protocols involved in multi-track recording projects. Includes analysis of advanced large-format console signal flow and exploration of sophisticated ensemble microphone techniques. Students engineer the final project for Music Production I (sound-a-like). Location: TBD. Lab Fee: $850. Prerequisites: AUD305A, AUD300B, AUD401

Post Production I
2 credits, 2 hours lecture/lab
An overview of the world of sound and music for motion pictures, examining the different aspects of post-production including ADR, sound design, Foley and film scoring among others. Prerequisites: AUD300B


Audio 010 Series — Studio Technology

Audio Technology I
2 credits, 2 hours lecture
A course in the foundational principles of digital and analog audio technology. Includes recording consoles (design, function, and signal flow), principles of signal processing (reverberation, delay, equalization, compression, and other effects), and an introduction to microphone and loudspeaker technology.

Audio Technology II
2 credits, 2 hours lecture
A continuation of Audio Technology I, this course delves further into the technical aspects of the recording studio. Covers microphones, advanced studio and console signal flows and block diagrams, and synchronization and MIDI integration. Location: Classroom and TBD. Lab Fee: $600. Prerequisites: AUD300A; AUD310A

Studio Electronics
2 credits, 2 hours lecture/lab
An in-depth look into the inner workings of a recording studio, this course will explore cables and connectors, audio circuits, schematics, levels in audio, and basic studio equipment maintenance and troubleshooting. Prerequisites: AUD310B

Audio 020 Series — Music Production
Survey of Music Production
1 credit, 1 hour lecture
An investigation into every step of music production. Includes an historical overview of the music production industry along with project management and the process of creating a successful independent or major label release. Students analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of the various production techniques used in producing select demos and commercial recordings.

Critical Listening for Audio Production
1 credit, 1 hour lecture/lab
A course designed to develop listening skills critical to the field of audio production through analysis of recording and mixing techniques. Covers balances, panning, EQ, reverb, compression, delay and time-based effects, instrument identification and stylistic comparisons of recording and mix techniques. Listening analysis examples and concepts are reinforced through weekly critical listening assignments. Students participate in weekly ear training drills.

Music Production I
3 credits, 3 hours lecture/lab
A course covering the fundamentals of music production, including defining the goals of a recording project with artist or client; selecting musicians, composers and/or arrangers; choosing appropriate technical resources appropriate to the budget and goals; working with instrumental and vocal soloists; and orchestrating and motivating all of the participants and resources — from rehearsal to recording, to the final mix. Students’ final project consists of producing a remake of a classic song (a sound-a-like). Location: Classroom/TBD. Lab Fee: $850. Prerequisites: AUD320; AUD400A