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Advanced Vocal Performance

Advanced Vocal Performance is an upper division course incorporating personalized lesson plans for students.  In this extension of Vocal Performance, students are assisted by their professor in creating a personalized repertoire that reflects the particular artistic direction in which a student is moving.

Your choice of repertoire will be open-ended; you may focus, for example, on original compositions, with or without lyrics, creating arrangements of songs from one specific composer. Your repertoire can include various genres from singer/songwriter, rock, R&B, Latin or Americana.

Advanced Vocal Performance strengthens a student’s ability to interact with a rhythm section, developing band-leading skills fundamental to professional-level performance, including on the spot conducting and the ability to communicate specific rhythmic, harmonic and melodic preferences.

Class assignments may include conducting interviews with musicians the student admires, creating a business plan for curating a music series, or writing liner notes for an in-class project.

You must complete four semesters of Vocal Performance before you can enroll in Advanced Vocal Performance as an elective (exceptions may be made for students already at a professional level).

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