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Artist-in-Residence and Vocal Intensive

World-renowned vocal master Theo Bleckmann serves as the CJC vocal program’s current Artist-In-Residence.

Mr. Bleckmann is a specialist in contemporary vocal music and is sought after by modern composers who want to use a non-operatic voice as a primary instrument in a symphonic setting, big band, small jazz group or duo.

He also performs as a solo vocal artist, utilizing electronic elements in his performances.

Theo Bleckmann is on the CJC campus one week per semester, and meets with every vocal student for a private lesson, focusing primarily on vocal technique.

Theo will also provide a written report documenting each student’s progress, as well as tracking their development throughout their entire tenure in the program.

Mr. Bleckmann’s expertise is especially helpful to the students’ private instruction teachers, who are invited to sit in on his lessons with their students.

Mr. Bleckmann and Ms. Antonioli (Chair of the CJC Vocal Program) join forces each August to lead the program’s weeklong Vocal Intensive.

This unique course appeals to an international audience of vocalists eager to be at the California Jazz Conservatory for an intense and unique summer experience.

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