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Lyric Writing

Lyric Writing is a second semester course and correlates with the second semester of Vocal Performance.

Lyric Writing students are required to write original lyrics, which serve as a springboard for new compositions; it also provides students with a deeper understanding of song forms and melodic development.

Most importantly, students can take their newly crafted lyrics directly into Vocal Performance and sing them with the band!

The course includes discussions and analysis of text from the most influential lyricists, including Cole Porter, Joni Mitchell, Dave Frishberg, Bob Dylan, Kendrick Lamar and Billy Strayhorn among others. Lyrics are written to pre-existing instrumental songs, original material, the blues, and to improvised instrumental solos, a technique called “vocalese.”

Taught in the style of a writer’s workshop, Lyric Writing includes weekly in-class writing assignments, the results of which are shared among the group.

Lyric Writing students also experience the writing of a personal journal, which has proven to be an invaluable creative resource.

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