The California Jazz Conservatory (CJC) is the only independent, accredited music conservatory in the country devoted solely to the study and performance of jazz and related styles of music. 

The CJC offers instrumentalists and vocalists a four-year Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Studies and a two-year Associate of Arts degree in Jazz Studies. 

The California Jazz Conservatory offers students: 

  • A synergistic, comprehensive jazz education and performance program for today’s professional jazz instrumentalist and vocalist
  • Small classes taught by professional artists and experienced educators in the field of jazz and related styles of music
  • Opportunities to study with preeminent visiting artists and educators
  • Performance opportunities at prominent Bay Area venues; workshop opportunities with resident faculty and visiting artists
  • A vibrant campus located in the heart of Downtown Berkeley’s Arts District
  • Access to important networking opportunities
  • Easy access to the San Francisco Bay Area’s thriving arts scene

Bachelor of Music 
in Jazz Studies


Associate of Arts
in Jazz Studies


The CJC holds its students accountable to the highest artistic, academic and ethical standards at all times. Students are evaluated on their performance in classes, juries, concerts and Senior Project, a final project synthesizing their artistic and academic work over the course of their chosen program of study. 

The California Jazz Conservatory is an Equal Opportunity Employer. It does not discriminate in the admissions process or in the awarding of financial aid on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, or disability.