Associate of Arts Instrumental Track


Associate of Arts Instrumental Track

The CJC Jazz Studies Instrumental Track offers students an opportunity to earn an Associate of Arts degree in a program designed to transform the musician into the artist.

Students work with a faculty of artist-educators in an in-depth jazz-centric curriculum – from core music courses to general studies requirements.

Students’ performance opportunities include the CJC’s end-of-semester concert series, the Rising Stars Summer Series and off-campus gigs and jam sessions throughout the Bay Area.

CJC’s Blue, Green and Red Ensembles provide advanced instrumentalists with an opportunity to strengthen musicianship skills, develop artistic sensibility, and serve as CJC jazz ambassadors.

Students in the CJC Associate of Arts Instrumental Track enjoy multiple opportunities throughout the year to tour and compete in various jazz festivals across the country and around the world, including domestic stops at festivals in Monterey, Reno, El Cerrito and the Next Generation Jazz Festival and international performances in Montreux, Umbria, Scotland and Singapore.

Recording opportunities are also offered year-round to CJC instrumentalists, with access to some of the world’s foremost recording facilities.

The California Jazz Conservatory is proud to offer these opportunities to the aspiring jazz instrumentalist, and invites you to apply now for its Associate of Arts in Jazz Studies degree.


Associate of Arts Curriculum Requirements–Instrumentalists

The CJC awards the Associate of Arts degree in Jazz Studies to instrumental students who satisfactorily complete 66 – 68 credits of study divided among:

A) Core music courses / 42 credits (pianists) / 44 credits (non- pianists);

B) Elective courses (6 credits);

C) General studies courses (18 credits).


See Curriculum Requirements Template — Instrumentalists.