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Recording Arts


Recording Studio Internship Program
Elective — 2 credits; 2–3 days/week lab
In conjunction with Fantasy Studios at Zaentz Media Center, a course providing supervised practical training in the inner workings of a professional, multi-room recording facility. Internship training includes:

  • Basic recording techniques and microphone placement
  • Basic recording session design and setup
  • Signal flow theory and patching
  • Basic mixing console theory and application
  • Recording session etiquette
  • Proper microphone and equipment handling and storage
  • Basic studio administrative tasks
  • Client concierge services
  • Hospitality maintenance and cleanliness

Prerequisites: Resume and consent of Fantasy Studios Internship Program Coordinator. This course is held offsite at Fantasy Studios at Zaentz Media Center, 2600 Tenth Street, Berkeley, California.

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