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Department of General Studies

The General Studies curriculum is integral to the overall development of the aspiring jazz professional. Courses in General Studies promote broad-based cultural literacy, critical thinking and communication skills necessary to function successfully in the music world and beyond. Courses in General Studies serve to broaden perspectives and provide points of reference invaluable to the jazz professional in a global society.

The General Studies requirement comprises 30 credits and is divided into the following five areas:

Area 1.  English Communication

(Requirement: 6 credits)

Area 2.  Arts and Humanities

(Requirement: 6 credits)

Area 3.  Social Sciences

(Requirement: 12 credits)

Area 4.  Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning

(Requirement: 3 credits)

Area 5.  Physical Sciences

(Requirement: 3 credits)

A range of General Studies courses is offered at the Jazzschool Institute. The Jazzschool Institute also accepts select General Studies requirements/electives from any fully accredited institu¬tion. Transfer credit fulfilling Jazzschool Institute General Studies requirements in English Communication, Arts and Humanities, Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning and Physical and Biological Sciences is evaluated and accepted on a case-by-case basis. Please note: the Jazzschool Institute Social Sciences requirement (HIS100A – 200B) and Physical Sci- ences requirement (SCI300) are not transferable from another institution. These requirements must be fulfilled at the Jazzschool Institute.

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