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Arts and Humanities

Students are required to take 6 credits in the area of Arts and Humanities. The following courses fulfill the CJC Arts and Humanities General Studies requirements and are offered at the CJC:

Introduction to Linguistics
3 credits, 3 hours lecture
A general survey of the field of linguistics and introduction to core areas such as phonetics and phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics, historical change, creolization and contact phenomena, language acquisition, pragmatics and sociology, with a wide range of data from diverse languages. Students learn the basic principles of linguistic analysis and analytical reasoning, and the skills needed to draw generalizations and find patterns to understand and explain how languages work.

Philosophy of Jazz
3 credits, 3 hours lecture
What is the meaning of jazz? What is the purpose of art? How do you form your artistic message within the jazz idiom? Andy Hamilton’s “Aesthetics and Music” serves as a guide in addressing these profound questions while reviewing the history of music aesthetics from Plato to Adorno. Topics covered include a history of the concept of music and improvisation, and the relationship of jazz to modernism and postmodern philosophy. Students question their own expectations regarding jazz, including the relationship between art and commerce and personal motivations behind their artistic pursuits.


The following suggested courses also fulfill the CJC Arts and Humanities General Studies requirements/electives and have been approved for transfer from Berkeley City College. Please note: Additional courses of interest may be approved on a case-by-case basis. For Berkeley City College course descriptions and class schedules, please visit berkeleycitycollege.edu/wp/programs/class-schedules-and-catalogs/.

ART1 Introduction to Art History (3 credits)
ART 4 History of Modern Art (3 credits)
AFRAM 44B African-American Culture Today: African-American Music/Art/Thought (3 credits)
COMM 5 Persuasion and Critical Thinking (3 credits)
FREN 1A, 1B Elementary French (5 credits)
HIST 33 History of Native American Thought and Literature (3 credits)
HUMAN 21 Film: Art and Communication (3 credits)
HUMAN 26 Global Cinema (4 credits)
HUMAN 30A, 30B Human Values/Ethics (4 credits)
HUMAN 40 Religions of the World (3 credits)
HUMAN 46 Philosophy of the Human Experience (3 credits)
PHIL 1 Introduction to Philosophy (3 credits)
PHIL 10 Logic (3 credits)
PHIL 46 Philosophy of the Human Experience (3 credits)
PORT 1A, 1B Elementary Portuguese (5 credits)
SPAN 1A, 1B Elementary Spanish (5 credits)
WS 35 Feminist Philosophy (3 credits


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