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Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning


Students are required to take 3 credits in the area of Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning. The following course fulfills the CJC Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning General Studies requirement and is offered at the CJC:

Entrepreneurial Skills for Musicians
3 credits, 3 hours lecture
A course designed to provide the aspiring professional musician with entrepreneurial skills critical to a successful career in the music industry. Using a systematic approach to learning, students gain an understanding of financial statement analysis, costing projects and profitability, financial planning, and tax implication. This course provides students with a solid financial foundation applicable to a wide range of music industry-related ventures. This course is offered at the CJC.


The following suggested courses also fulfill CJC’s Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning General Studies requirement and have been approved for transfer from Berkeley City College. Please note: Additional courses of interest may be approved on a case-by-case basis. For Berkeley City College course descriptions and class schedules, please visit berkeleycitycollege.edu/wp/programs/class-schedules-and-catalogs/.

BUS 10 Introduction to Business (3 credits)
BUS 20 General Accounting (3 credits)
BUS 53 Small Business Management (3 credits)
BUS202 Business Mathematics (3 credits)


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