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Vocal Performance


PRF110A, 110B, 210A, 210B, 310A, 310B, 410A and 410B
Vocal Performance
3 credits, 3 hours lecture / lab
An eight-semester course covering a range of styles from the Great American Songbook to bebop, modal, world, contemporary popular, and free music. Students compose original material, write lyrics and create their own arrangements. Accompanied by a pianist and/or rhythm section, singers focus on interpretation, stage presence, improvisation, vocal technique, phrasing as well as cultivating a personal style. Students are expected to develop a repertoire of 100 songs over this four-year course. Open to vocalists and instrumentalists. Students are expected to develop a repertoire of 80 songs over this four-year course. Prerequisites: MUS110A and THE100A or concurrent enrollment.

PRF111A and PRF111B
Vocal Jazz Ensemble
Requirement / Elective — 2 credits, 2 hours lab
Repertoire includes historic arrangements from groups including Lambert, Hendricks & Ross and the Singers Unlimited as well as original charts and arrangements. Emphasis on singing close harmony parts, sight reading, intonation and creating a stylistically relevant ensemble sound. Prerequisite: PRF110B.

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“My experience at the Jazzschool Institute has been nothing short of magical every single day. The faculty, in addition to being the best players in their field, are also great teachers. They really demonstrate that they want the students to succeed in becoming the next generation of great players.”

— Dillon Vado, CJC Student
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