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Lefty – The Left Hand



Develop jazz piano techniques for the left hand. Work on tertian (3rds), quartal (4ths) and quintal (5ths) voicings; blues and rhythm changes; and walking bass lines. Improvisation, ostinatos for soloing and some stride piano techniques are also covered. Right hands are welcome, but only as observers! Prerequisites: ability to play major, minor, and dominant 7th chords, knowledge of jazz harmony.

Wednesdays 6:30 – 8 pm
9/21 – 11/30 (10 weeks) no class 11/23
Frank Martin • $395

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The Word

“I truly appreciate what the Jazzschool has to offer. Having the opportunity to work with a great jazz trio in our classes, the open mic sessions, and the final performance make this learning experience incredible.”

— Cynthia Lee