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Applied Jazz Theory — From The Top Down


patrick wolff

Are you unfamiliar with or frustrated by the complexities of jazz theory? Do you have a hard time integrating the abstracts of harmony into your improvisations? This course might be what you need — we’ll flip jazz theory upside down, so instead of focusing on chord studies and the piano, we’ll come from melody and single line improvisation. We’ll take a look at some ideas that are simple but foundational to good solos, including pentatonic scales, bebop scales, different kinds of minor scales and when to use them, and the difference between vertical and horizontal alterations. And most importantly, we’ll actually talk about how to practice and use these ideas as we learn them! Prerequisites: Solid instrumental ability, ability to read music, ability to play back simple melodies and phrases. Please bring your instrument!

Sat, 11:45 am – 1:15 pm
August 6, 13, 27 (3 weeks)
Patrick Wolff • $120

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“The Jazzschool provides a wonderful community for musicians. It legitimizes one’s efforts, so even if one is a beginner, it says yes to one’s attempts and ambitions. It is the greatest.”

— Angharad Jones