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Demystifying Coltrane Changes


ian carey

In 1959, John Coltrane turned the jazz world on its ear with his album “Giant Steps,” featuring stunning new chord progressions that took bebop harmony to the next level. This course aims to take the fear out of learning those progressions by using a variety of ways (from guide tone lines to pentatonic scales and beyond) to internalize these changes and get them off the page and into students’ ears and fingers. Utilizing a combination of theoretical discussion, listening and in-class playing, the course will begin with an in-depth breakdown of “Giant Steps,” and progress through other tunes featuring similar progressions (such as “Satellite,” “Countdown,” and others), plus Coltrane’s use of these progressions in other contexts including standards and his later modal compositions. (Basic knowledge of jazz harmony required.)

Thur, 6:30 – 8 pm
July 7 – 21 (3 weeks)
Ian Carey • $120

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“I have taken a few drumming classes and workshops and have been inspired by your instructors and venue.”

— Alan Estrada