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Modernize Your Language


Ready to take your improvisational toolkit beyond bebop licks, modes, and blues scales and into the sonic worlds opened up by artists like McCoy Tyner, John Coltrane, and Woody Shaw? Through both theoretical discussion and in-class playing, this course will explore three different approaches for developing melodically compelling ideas for use in a wide variety of harmonic situations. Beginning with the simple technique of combining pairs of major triads (and the six-note scales that result), the course will progress through pentatonic scales and intervallic pairs, in each case examining their use in major, minor, and sus chords, a variety of dominant chords and ii-V-I progressions, and modal or chromatic contexts. Finally we will explore methods to integrate these new ideas into the student’s existing language in a natural and non-contrived way. (Basic knowledge of jazz harmony required.)

Thur, 8:15 – 9:45 pm
August 4 – 18 (3 weeks)
Ian Carey • $120


JCMS Spring Catalog
The Word

“John Gove is an incredible professor with extensive knowledge in jazz theory. He teaches theory how it should be taught, which is direct application to your instrument in a playing context. I’ve never taken a better theory class with such a fine professor.”

— Richard Greig