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Beginning Vocal Improvisation


Learn the basics of vocal jazz improvisation starting with the 12 bar blues and other song forms as time permits. Warm up exercises focusing on vocal production and healthy singing will also address jazz harmony through the singing of essential scales and chords. We’ll practice “scat singing” while learning bebop songs, and learn to create solos and “trade fours” through the development of ideas and motifs. Students will work on improvising together and individually in class. During the final class, we’ll also work on interacting with a live accompanist. Open to all.

Tue, 6:30 – 9:30 pm
August 2 – 16 (3 weeks)
Carl Oser • $240


JCMS Spring Catalog
The Word

“The CJC provides some of the most in depth study of jazz out there. A core curriculum of not two, but four semesters of jazz ear training and hands on jazz theoryand improvisation, culminating in transcription and analysis of the greatest jazz artists of all time. The teachers are wonderful, organized and communicate concepts in a way that clearly transforms each and every student.”

— Lisa Feldman