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Online Video Submission

Instructions for Online Video Submissions:

  • Student should be clearly visible (and audible) on the video.
  • Perform one skill-level appropriate jazz standards. Please state the name of each piece before you play it.
  • Download one of the two improvisation tracks (located below) for the improvisation portion of your audition. Two choruses required.
  • On the video, it is important that your playing is heard louder than anything else, including any accompanying tracks.


To download the following tracks, right click the link and select “save link as.”

Now’s the Time/Billie’s Bounce as F Blues

Bb Blues

Piano and Guitar Players:

Follow the above instructions with only one change: after improvising, please demonstrate comping/voicings on a blues or rhythm changes.


  • On your video, you will need to demonstrate the following styles: swing, bossa nova, funk/rock. You should perform at least 16 measures of these styles in slow, medium and fast tempos
  • On each style/tempo you should “trade fours” with yourself (4 bars of time, 4 bars of solo, etc) for 16 measures.

After you have completed your video, upload your audition to YouTube and title the video with your name (Example: John Smith Jazzschool Audition). You should make this a private video (unless you don’t mind it being available to the public). Once the video is uploaded, send a link to erik@jazzschool.org You may also upload the video to a private website and email a link. Videos are due by August 25th. Please do not email audition videos as attachments!

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