Degree Program Policies

Code of Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is central to forwarding the mission, goals and objectives of the California Jazz Conservatory. The CJC is committed to providing an environment conducive to all aspects of teaching and learning. CJC students are held to the highest moral and ethical standards and are obligated to conduct themselves in
a manner consistent with the principles as stated in the Code of Academic Integrity as follows:

The Code of Academic Integrity prohibits students from engaging in any acts of academic dishonesty whatsoever including but not limited to: plagiarizing; lying; cheating; and/or fraud. Under the Code of Academic Integrity:

Plagiarizing is defined as taking ownership of the work or idea of another as one’s own without crediting the source.

Lying is defined as making a false statement which is intended to deceive.

Cheating is defined as benefiting from acting dishonestly or unfairly.

Fraud is defined as serving as an impostor for personal gain.

All alleged infractions of the Code of Academic Integrity should be reported to the Dean of Instruction in writing. The Dean of Instruction, together with the student’s instructor, will thoroughly review the allegations for their veracity, and based on their findings, will determine the appropriate action. Proof of violation of the Code of Academic Integrity will result in either reprimand and a loss of credit for the assignment, loss of credit for the course, suspension for one year, or permanent dismissal, depending on the seriousness of the offense. Students found in violation must meet with the Dean of Instruction in person at which time they will be given a written notice citing the infraction and consequences of the offense. |Any academic and/or financial penalties will apply as of that date.

Please note: In the case of suspension, a student is required to reapply for admission into the program as a new student (see under Admission Requirements). In the case of dismissal, a student may not reapply for admission into the program. Violation of the Code of Academic Integrity that results in either suspension or dismissal will be permanently attached to a student’s transcript.