Degree Program Policies

Leaves of Absence

Students who wish to take a temporary leave of absence between semesters for professional, medical or personal reasons must submit a request in writing to the Dean of Instruction. Leaves of absence may not exceed two consecutive semesters without permission from the Dean of Instruction. Leave of Absence Request forms may be obtained from the Registrar in the Main Office and must be submitted to the Dean of Instruction prior to the first day of instruction of the semester for which the leave is requested.

Students who wish to take a leave of absence from the CJC during a semester are subject to all academic and financial penalties (see Cancellations, Withdrawals and Refunds and Adding, Dropping and Withdrawing from Courses) as of the date of the requested leave of absence. Exceptions may be made for family or medical emergencies with valid documentation.

Students taking a leave of absence for more than two semesters must reapply for admission as a new student (see Admission Requirements).