Record Keeping

The California Jazz Conservatory Registrar and Custodian of Records maintains a secure file for each student that contains pertinent information including but not limited to: the Application for Admission; transcripts from the CJC and other institutions (including verification of high school completion or the equivalency); documents evidencing a student’s prior experiential learning; class scheduling and registration; degree requirements and progress reports; attendance; grading; documents relating to tuition, financial assistance and scholarships; records of the dates of enrollment, withdrawal, leaves of absence, suspension and/or dismissal from the institution and graduation; copies of any official advisory notices or warnings regarding the student’s progress; results of juries or other examinations; copies of recordings programs, awards or other accomplishments of note; and/ or evaluations, suggestions and/or complaints. The CJC shall maintain pertinent student records for a period of at least 5 years from the student’s date of completion or withdrawal. Transcripts documenting the completion of the degree will be maintained permanently.

Student records are strictly confidential. A student wishing to disclose their educational record to any other party must first submit written proof of authorization to the Registrar and Custodian of Records. Authorization may be revised at any time throughout a student’s tenure at the CJC.