Piano 2

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Piano 2


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Overview & Registration



For those with some experience on keys, Piano 2 picks up wherever you left off in your pianistic pursuits and challenges you to go farther with your musical endeavors. Ensemble and solo music is selected to match your own level and ability on the piano. This class presents individual guidance as well as group performance opportunities. Required text: Bastien Piano for Adults II (available at the CJC Bookstore). Prerequisites: Piano 1 or equivalent experience.

Saturdays 11:45 am – 1:15 pm
1/12 – 3/16 (10 weeks)
Jeanne Walpole • $415



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COURSE PREREQUISITES: Piano I or equivalent.

COURSE PURPOSE AND OBJECTIVES: Students work on sight-reading and specific piano pieces for performance. Topics covered: Scales, triads, intervals, terminology for theory; circle of 5ths/cycle of 4ths; Keys – understanding key signatures – major and minor; Introduction to 7th chords; transposing; chord progressions and functional harmonic relations; rhythm — understanding time signatures and basic rhythms and syncopation; writing music on staff/ transcribing; ear training; ensemble playing; playing in recital; learning to decipher symbols on jazz chart; learning general music terminology.

REQUIRED READING/MATERIALS: Bastien Piano for Adults II (available at CJC Bookstore).


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Jeanne Walpole (piano)

M.A. in Music Theory, San Francisco State U.; M.A. Studies in Piano Manhattan School of Music; B.A., Smith College: studied with Dick Hindman 1990–2003; Pianist, Nordstrom.


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