Juries (Bachelor of Music)

Students are required to take four juries over the course of their studies at CJC as they move from one class level––e.g. Freshman or Sophomore––to the next.

The purpose of these juries is to evaluate students’ progress in private instruction and to confirm their mastery of the material covered in CJC’s core Jazz Theory and Improvisation and Ear Training and Sight Singing curriculum.

The timing of juries correlates with class level.

Students must take a jury when advancing in class level to continue their studies at the CJC. Class level is determined by the total number of credits earned towards their degree: students who have earned between 0 and 34 credits are considered Freshmen, and so on as shown below.

Credits Completed Class Level
1 – 34 Freshman

35 – 68 Sophomore

69 – 102 Junior

103 – 136 Senior

Students advancing to the next class level who do not take or pass a jury at the end of that semester will be placed on Jury Probation. While on Jury Probation, students may take classes for one additional semester, and must take and pass their jury at that end of that term, in order to enroll in future semesters. Students who do not pass the required jury at the end of their probationary semester will be dismissed.