Music Technology


Music Technology

Course Numbering The 100- and 200-numbered courses are lower division courses. The 300- and 400-numbered courses are upper division courses.

Introduction to Music Technology
2 credits, 2 hours lecture/lab
An introduction to software tools available for sequencing, sampling, scoring/music notation, simple recording and production. This course also covers software and web-based services that assist with developing skills in basic musicianship. Students must own or have access to a laptop computer with Sibelius software (version 6 or higher) installed for use in class.


Building the Home Studio
2 credits, 2 hours lecture/lab
A course addressing all aspects relevant to building a working home studio. Under the guidance of a professional recording engineer, topics include: digital audio workstation software (DAW); principles of analog and digital audio; microphone technology and application; acoustics; budgeting and buying guides; and, working remotely in the capacities as both performer and composer. Prerequisites: AUD300A or concurrent enrollment; or, by consent of instructor.