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You can help the California Jazz Conservatory grow and keep its fees affordable for all. Learn about the many ways to help sustain America's national art form!




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Founded in 1997, the California Jazz Conservatory is a music conservatory provid­ing a dynamic community of students, artists, educators, scholars and audiences with a forum to study, perform, teach, research, appreciate and enjoy jazz and related styles of music from throughout the world.

Comprising two distinct education programs, the California Jazz Conservatory (a post secondary degree-granting program) and the Jazzschool Community Music School (a non-degree-granting community education program), the institution honors the contributions of past masters and promotes artistic innovation, bring­ing together a diverse, inclusive music community to de­velop practical skills, acquire artistic sensibility, realize creative potential and find artistic voice. Our students come from all backgrounds and ages, and range from the novice to the aspiring professional.

We invite you to explore our website for more details about our history, our vision and mission, our programs and classes. Perhaps you’ll be inspired you to join us in our musical endeavors or to lend your support.

Your support enables us to sustain a variety of programs and meet administrative and operational objectives. Basically, your contributions keep us moving forward in our mission to further the preservation and growth of jazz — America’s national art form.

For more information on ways to contribute to the CJC, please visit the Giving Categories section of the wesbite.

For the most direct route, click “DONATE NOW” to make a tax-deductible gift to the California Jazz Conservatory.

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