Giving Options for Individuals


Giving Options for Individuals

“Real-Time” Online Fund

We invite you to contribute to “Real-Time” Online, CJC’s initiative for enhancing our technological abilities to teach, learn and perform online to benefit jazz musicians and jazz fans around the world. Your contribution to “Real-Time” Online will be an investment in the technology and expertise that will help us continue to offer existing programs online, and to help CJC develop the new programs that remote collaboration will allow for––from music production courses to real-time, online ensemble collaboration––and beyond.


Undesignated Annual Gift: The CJC Fund

Undesignated gifts to the annual fund, The CJC Fund, support the institution in the broadest terms.  These flexible dollars, crucial to maintaining the ongoing excellence of the institution, address myriad priorities at any given time.

Designated Annual Gift: Existing Scholarships

California Jazz Conservatory Scholarships:

Jazzschool Scholarships:

Your undesignated or designated annual gift can be enhanced by structuring it as a recurring gift, made on an ongoing basis by credit card, and/or by having it be matched by your employer.

Designated Major Gift

If you are in the position of being able to make a significantly more substantial gift, then we invite you to invest in any of the following gift options, each of which carries a naming opportunity:

  • Annual concert series or individual concert(s)
  • Associate of Arts Degree Program in Jazz Studies
  • Bachelor of Music Degree Program in Jazz Studies
  • New scholarship within the CJC or Jazzschool
  • Blue and Green Ensembles for advanced students
  • Workshops, Classes, Camps and Intensives

To learn more about these opportunities, please contact Mary D’Orazi, Development Associate, at 510.845.5373 x19 or