In support of GivingTuesdayNow, the May 5th global gathering of unity and giving, the CJC is launching Real-Time, Online, a new initiative designed to improve online performance to the benefit of jazz musicians everywhere.

Also, in the spirit of GivingTuesdayNow, we’re inviting everyone to share the ways in which you have been connecting through jazz––the  songs, lyrics, albums, books, films, musicians, and thoughts that you find inspiring.

Our Real-Time, Online initiative will help us fine-tune our technological capabilities to meet needs unique to jazz––namely, in the area of live performance. We are currently consulting with technology experts throughout the country for their insight into how to make virtual live performance as seamless as possible, with a goal of enabling our students and faculty to perform and collaborate together in real time, regardless of their whereabouts.

All proceeds derived from our Real-Time, Online initiative will be invested in these technologies and the discovery of new technologies, to enhance and improve our ability to offer Classes, Workshops and Concerts online.  

Thank you for supporting Real-Time, Online!

Share your stories of how you’re connecting with jazz! 
What songs, lyrics, albums, books, films, musicians and thoughts inspire you?
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