Planned Giving – Legacy Circle

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Planned Giving – Legacy Circle

Planned giving may allow you to make a more significant contribution to the CJC than you had realized. It can also help you to meet other financial, philanthropic and estate planning goals, while inspiring others to consider legacy gifting as a way to contribute.

The CJC’s Legacy Circle includes those individuals who want to provide for the CJC in their estate plans through various ways of planned giving, including a bequest, gift annuity, charitable trust or designation of the CJC as the beneficiary of a retirement plan or insurance policy.

Help yourself too! Depending on the planning option chosen, these gifts can offer you increased annual income, tax deductions, relief from capital gains taxes, and can defray the tax burden on your heirs. You should discuss the various methods of giving,​ and their benefits,​ with your financial advisor, estate attorney, or tax accountant.

Members of the CJC Legacy Circle have the desire to sustain the rich heritage of the jazz art form for future generations and we are honored to recognize their significant contributions.

If you have made a commitment to the CJC in your estate plan or charitable trust, or if you would like to discuss how to make a planned gift, please contact Executive Director Susan Muscarella: 510.845.5373, or via email at