Toward 120 Initiative


Toward 120 Initiative

Dear Friends of the CJC,

Now that the CJC’s campus expansion is successfully completed, we are setting our sights on reaching our enrollment objective of 120 full-time students in the CJC’s marquee degree programs, thereby fully realizing the vibrant community we envision:  an at-capacity cohort of aspiring professional musicians who challenge and inspire one another each and every day.    

To achieve this goal, I am asking you to consider making a gift, one as generous as possible, to the CJC’s inaugural Toward 120 initiative.  Your contribution will enable the CJC to make meaningful strides in its recruitment and retention efforts, in the following ways:
    1. Performances and competitions at prestigious international jazz festivals and clubs throughout Asia and Europe;
    2. Regional outreach to high school jazz programs;
    3. A newly designed website and enhancements to social media that best serve our demographic;
    4. Advertising, promotional materials and merchandise that establish and reinforce awareness of and interest in the CJC;
    5. Curriculum reciprocity with peer institutions throughout the United States that similarly build awareness of and interest in the CJC;
    6. Scholarship support or tuition reduction, based on exceptional merit and need, that keep pace with offers made by comparable institutions.

I warmly welcome your participation in this vital initiative, and sincerely hope you will consider making a meaningful gift to support this effort.  In launching the annual Toward 120 initiative, our objective in this inaugural year is to secure $100,000 by September 30, 2019.

Thank you for considering making a gift toward this vital effort to maximize the student community at the CJC, where we “admit the musician and graduate the artist.”  Please click the Donate Now button below to make your secure online contribution.


Susan Muscarella








For more information contact Mary D’Orazi, Philanthropy Associate: (510) 845-5373 ext. 19 or make a secure online donation by clicking the “Donate Now” button above.