Scholarships, Initiatives, Awards and Prizes


Scholarships, Initiatives, Awards and Prizes

The CJC is grateful for the support of donors who contribute to these various funds created to assist students in financial need.

Scholarships & Initiatives*

Buddy Montgomery Jazz Legacy Scholarship
Awarded to an African American student enrolled in the CJC degree-program, in honor of jazz vibraphonist and pianist Buddy Montgomery

CJC Degree Program Scholarship
To assist enrolled Conservatory students in financial need 

Dick Conte Jazz Piano Scholarship
In honor of jazz pianist and radio luminary Dick Conte

Eddie Marshall Scholarship
Awarded to Jazzschool students in honor of legendary jazz drummer Eddie Marshall

Girls’ & Women’s Camps Scholarships
In honor of Women’s Camp staff member and vocalist Laurie Silverman as well as guitarist and long-time Jazzschool student Barbara Fitzpatrick

Jazzschool Scholarship
To assist students in financial need attend Jazzschool classes

John Santos Latin Jazz Scholarship
Established in honor of Latin jazz percussionist John Santos to support Latinx students at the California Jazz Conservatory.

Kim Nalley Black Youth Scholarship
Established by jazz and blues recording artist Kim Nalley to advance jazz education among Black youth enrolled in the Jazzschool

Mark Levine Memorial Scholarship
Established in honor and memory of internationally revered artist-educator, Mark Levine, the Mark Levine Memorial Scholarship is awarded to California Jazz Conservatory students based on merit, need and a demonstrated commitment to artistic and academic excellence in jazz.

* All scholarships at the California Jazz Conservatory are awarded based on a combination of merit and need.

For information on applying for scholarships contact Rob Ewing ( for Jazzschool enrollment, or Jeff Denson ( for degree program enrollment. For Girls’ & Women’s Camps scholarships contact Jean Fineberg (

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Awards & Prizes
Jamey Aebersold Award
Established in honor of Jamey Aebersold, one of the world’s leaders in jazz education and performance, the Jamey Aebersold Scholarship provides financial support for promising CJC students.

East Bay Center for the Performing Arts Award
An award established by the California Jazz Conservatory in conjunction with East Bay Center for the Performing Arts to provide graduates of the Young Artist Diploma Program with partial scholarships to attend the California Jazz Conservatory degree program in Jazz Studies.

The Dick Hindman Prize in Jazz Piano
First, second and third place prizes are awarded annually to three current California Jazz Conservatory students who demonstrate excellence in jazz piano. The Dick Hindman Prize in Jazz Piano was established in 2018 by Jacquelin and Sheafe Ewing in honor of revered San Francisco Bay Area jazz pianist and teacher Dick Hindman.

The Sy Grossman Family Award 
An award created by the Grossman family in loving memory of CJC board member, jazz pianist and dear friend Seymour Grossman.

The Larry Stefl Award for Outstanding Achievement in Jazz
An annual award presented to deserving young guitar students of color in honor and memory of beloved Jazzschool student, guitarist Larry Stefl. (Thanks to a generous gift from Pamela Stefl Toki and John Toki)

William E. Robinson Award  
The William E. Robinson Award is awarded to a CJC student who demonstrates commitment to excellence in the fields of jazz and related styles of music.