Ways to Contribute


Ways to Contribute

Annual Gift: the following three methods are available to donors who wish to make an annual gift – online, mail, telephone.  Among all three, a gift can be made by credit card; by mail, a gift also can be made by check.




Major Gift
the following five options are available to donors who wish to make a significantly more substantial gift, through one or more of the following means:


  • Securities: publicly traded stocks and bonds can be gifted electronically through Merrill Lynch Financial Advisor Adam Messinger, 510.208.3862 or 800.937.0725, Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm PT. The CJC’s account number is 28004041; its tax ID is 43-1983168 
  • IRA Charitable Rollover: for persons aged 70½ or older, any amount up to and including $100,000 can be annually gifted, tax-free, from that person’s IRA (Traditional or Rollover), counting toward this individual’s annual required minimum distribution


  • Bequest: arranged through a Will and/or Living Trust
  • IRA Beneficiary Designation: easily completed online by visiting the website of the financial fiduciary where the IRA (Traditional, Rollover or Roth) is being managed and then designating the CJC as the (or a) beneficiary of this IRA
  • Charitable Remainder Trust: funded with an appreciated asset that first provides income (fixed or variable) to the donor and then benefits the CJC upon the donor’s passing

To learn more about these opportunities, please contact Mary D’Orazi, Philanthropy Associate, at 510.845.5373 x19 or mary@cjc.edu.